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Customized training for our LedBy Community by industry experts on professional development and leadership

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LedBy Workshops and Webinars Recordings Available on YouTube

Past Insta Lives

Hear from Asma and Farah, how LedBy Accelerator impacted their lives.

In conversation with Afshan, half Indian, half Iranian, 25 year old Muslim woman on her journey of starting her own digital marketing agency.

In conversation with LedBy's Senior Social Media and Engagement  Associate, Azba Rehman, on her professional journey

Hear the story of our Founder Dr. Ruha Shadab, where she talks about LedBy Foundation and what motivates her to keep going

In conversation with  Sameeha Rehman, on her journey and switch from academics to makeup, her passion.

Here is everything you need to know about cancer awareness. In conversation with Anushka Maheshwari, Program Associate at LedBy.

Dr. Ruha Shadab, our founder, in conversation with Huma Qureshi, a leading Bollywood Actress

Anushka Maheshwari, Program Associate at LedBy on everything you need to know about the Accelerator Program

Hear from our COO, Deepanjali Lahiri where she expressed her thoughts about LedBy Foundation and what motivated her to join LedBy

In conversation with Fathima Shakir about her experience as a LedBy Corporate Fellow

Dr. Ruha Shadab, our founder, in conversation with Nida Mahmood, a leading fashion designer in the industry.

Deepanjali Lahiri, COO of LedBy and Azba Rehman, Social Media and Engagement Associate on LedBy corporate leaders fellowship.

Past Events

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“Earlier I just knew the term growth mindset. But with this workshop, I got to know how to practice it and also how to set healthy boundaries. The concept of horizontal leadership and how to address work avoidance were some new learnings. The activity of 'SMART Goal Setting' helped me to reframe and reconceptualize my goal with better clarity” 


—  Aarushi

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