Terms & Conditions



For LedBy Accelerator Program

A deposit of INR 5102 is collected from interested candidates of the LedBy Accelerator program. This fee is collected only to ensure commitment to the year-long program from the candidates. This amount includes INR 5000 for the program amount, plus a transaction fee of INR 102.

A candidate who successfully completes the year-long program with a 100% attendance shall receive a refund of INR 5000 after the completion of the program through the same mode that the original transaction was made. Any additional transaction charges incurred during the payment or refund shall be borne by the candidate. 


For refund requests before the completion of the program please refer below: 


Refund requests before the announcement of Cohorts:

  • If a candidate requests a refund for the payment made to confirm her position in the LedBy Accelerator program, only the requests made within 48 hours will be considered. However, the final decision shall rest with LedBy Foundation.

  • Any requests after a 48-hour window will not be eligible for a refund.

  • If a candidate has made multiple transactions, the extra amount shall be refunded to the account from which the transaction was made within 15 working days. LedBy Foundation is not responsible for any delay from the banks or other financial institutions



Refund requests during the 1-year Accelerator program calendar:

LedBy Foundation does not offer refunds to any candidates after the start of the program. If a candidate wishes to withdraw from the program before completion, she will not be eligible for a refund.