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Hiring Bias:
Employment for Muslim women at
entry-level roles

Unveiling New Muslim Women Focused Research

Does there exist a bias in the hiring process disadvantaging Muslim Women in India?

Watch the team behind this research walk you

through the key insights

(50 min watch)

What is the Hiring Bias research?

Same resume with different names
Habiba Ali & Priyanka Sharma

Over a period
of 8 months

Applied to 1000
entry-level jobs
Priyanka received 101% more callbacks

In the simplest of terms, the research proves that for every positive response a Muslim woman gets,
a Hindu woman gets two

The hiring process displayed a
 net discrimination rate of 47.1%

Key Findings
Net Discrimination Rate across sectors, industries, and regions

Our Solutions and Recommendations

Blind Hiring Process

Name and other non-essential signifiers of identity can be scrubbed from the profile 

Work Sample Tests

Tests allow recruiters' to judge the candidates based on their ability and competency

Panel Recruitement

A diverse panel of recruiters mitigates recruiters' individual biases 

Diversity Goals

Such goals enable organizations to prioritize a representative hiring process

Further Research

Further research on disparity  in executive-level positions can help highlight bias

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