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Led By Foundation seeks to cultivate an ever more integrated India, where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute to the country's growth

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Education ≠ Empowerment

There are 2 million Muslim women in India with graduate degrees, yet very few Muslim women leaders. A dearth of role models and customized programs sensitive to the unique struggles of these women could account for a lack of C-suite success stories. 

While education is an important ingredient in climbing professional ladders, it does not always translate into career success. Led By Foundation transforms Indian Muslim Women's education into empowerment by providing them with real-life career skills, a supportive ecosystem, and access to the right opportunities and networks.

Built at Harvard; Made in India

Led By Foundation was incubated and developed at Harvard University, with seed funding from the Social Innovation and Change Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School.


We are creating a community of Indian Muslim women who have the professional skillset to conquer their career goals while being supported by experts with shared backgrounds. Our program focuses on L-B-F:

  • Logic: Thinking/ Clarity/ Goals-setting/ Career Planning

  • Broadcast: Presentation/ CV writing/ Story-telling/ Writing ability

  • Feedback: Up-Down mentoring/ Allyship building/ Team strengthening/ Systems improvement

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