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Support ambitious Indian Muslim women seek their true potential

Help us create new life stories, change the narrative, and increase the representation of Indian Muslim women in the workforce

Transforming lives through your generosity

We accept donations of any amount to transform the lives of Indian Muslim women

Donate Here

Donations to LedBy are 100% eligible for tax exemption. For more details visit our transparency page and cancellation and refund policy page. In case of any queries write to

Your donation, their future

How your money is spent

Leadership Training

33% of your donation will be spent on imparting leadership training

Professional Upskilling

38% of your donation will be spent on professional upskilling


19% of your donation will be spent on leveraging technology for program management and scale

Execution/Admin costs

10% of your donation will be spent on administration costs for the foundation

Thank you!
Your support means so much to us

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