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Yes, I dare to “DREAM”

The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change. However, a true leader adjusts the sails. And this is how I have always been, never settling, staying diversified, motivated, and positive at all times! No matter what came my way, I have faced every challenge with gratitude.

I remember when I was a child, I was often told by my father, “daughter, time is the most important asset in our lives, never let it run away; once it’s gone, it’s gone!" This thought has genuinely changed me both personally and professionally.

I come from the city of dreams; Yes, I was born and raised in Mumbai. Being the only child, I have always been the focus of my parents. They have been a great support throughout all my successes and taught me the most significant fact of life: “to live every moment with gratitude, no matter how small, or big the achievement or happiness may be, we should always be thankful to the Almighty for showering his consistent blessings on us.” At times I feel blessed, Alhumdulillah, to have such kind-hearted parents. Without their consistent support, this journey would have never been possible.

Often, there are moments in life that do not correspond to our plans, however it is essential to have faith in our dreams and do our best in order to keep moving ahead because journeys can only be delayed due to conflict between our hearts and minds; they can never be halted! What’s yours will always be yours. You need to affirm it and believe in it, and the universe conspires to help you achieve it.

Being a hijab-wearing Muslim woman and achieving so much in life usually stuns people around me; sometimes, people judged me by my attire, however it took a lot of self-motivation to keep moving on. My mother has always been my backbone during this entire journey, both on the personal and professional fronts. Thus, she holds an exceptional place in my heart, and I regard her as my favorite role model since she has always guided me to follow the right path without taking shortcuts. She believed in my dreams and gave them wings. Indeed, family plays an utmost significant role in all our lives.

The journey was never easy and shall be an ongoing process for life! The struggle continues, and to be honest, I love to keep up the hard work consistently. I intend to stay focused along with being humble and helpful towards all. I have earned distinct honors in a brief span of my professional career and perceive more to come. From being an award winner amongst India’s Top 100 Women in Finance 2020 to being nominated amongst the Top 100 Muslim Women in Maharashtra list 2020 at RBTC (Rising Beyond The Ceiling), I have been lauded for mentoring and Volunteering activities too. I’m an individual with extremely high spirits and set values. Yes, I dare to “DREAM.” I inspire many people around me and, more importantly, “WOMEN” in my society. I thrive to be a better person each day, and despite the hardships, I have always kept myself going, thus making it a never-ending process.


Bushra Kambo is a Gold medalist at achieving her designated goals. Undoubtedly, she has always been a quick learner, holding more than 40 Degrees/Certifications, yet still persevering in learning more each day. Besides having an exceptional mix of educational background in finance, IT, Data Science, and Fitness, she also has five years of extensive work experience with reputed organizations. Currently, she is working with JP Morgan Chase & Co as an Applied AI ML Analyst.


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