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Know the Purpose of Your Life

Yearn for that point in your life,

When you don't wait for texts

Instead wait for approval emails

When guys approaching don't make you happy,

Instead companies approaching do.

When you don't impress people,

You impress teams.

When you get a chance to go anywhere,

But rather choosing the person you loved,

You choose your dream destination.

When you are not emotional n complicated

You are logical and simple

When emotions don't enslave you

When your haunted void no longer bothers you.

When you are the master of your thoughts

When you no longer seek validation from people

You seek validation from yourself.

When your bank balance looks like your phone number

When your parents are proud of you,

When you know the purpose of your life.


Tooba Tanzeel, a 20 summers old aspiring dentist trying to fabricate words in their best form.

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