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From Bleak to Gold?

Who am I?" and "Where am I headed to?"swirl inside,

The rules of the society am I to abide?

The last breath my soul shall get,

Will then the exhaled air be filled with regret?

I've seen pain, betrayal, love ,and money

Each turning my nectar of pain into honey.

Phoenix of ideas rising from the ashes of criticism,

Like a leaf from a bud turning golden with wisdom.

Will my wisdom and love be in the art I create

Or will it dissolve in the earth after my soul liberates ?

Will my soul be at peace, free like a bird flying high

Or will it be like a withered leaf, forgotten and pushed aside?


Aiman Nissar Mahajan is currently in her fourth year pursuing bachelors of Pharmacy from DIPSAR, Delhi. She is an avid reader and an amateur writer.

Her empathy, firm belief in the power of words, thirst for knowledge, and a desire to bring positive change around her by healing people, both through her medicinal knowledge and words of compassion are what's driving her towards her dreams.

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