''I support LedBy and here is why you should join us'': Hear it from an IIT-Delhi graduate

''...I have barely come across any Indian Muslim woman as a mentor or a friend. So, when I stumbled upon LedBy foundation, I immediately signed up to volunteer for it''
-Sophiya Khan

For the longest time, I believed in an individual’s own potential to achieve anything one dreams of irrespective of external factors – social norms or structures based on gender, class, religion, or color. But lately, I have come to acceptance with this massive realization that the underlying assumption of so-called “dreaming big”- being an equal opportunity endeavor itself is flawed and comes with a position of privilege.

Our sense of what is possible in our lives is influenced by what has gone before, a privilege that has been passed onto us by our ancestors. For instance, imagine what individual dreams could look like if they don’t access the internet?