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The Rise and Rise of Indian Muslim Women

Dear Reader, At the moment of writing this letter, we are not sure what your association with our organization will be. Maybe you shall avail opportunities from our fellowship, or write for our blog. Maybe you shall even be an ally in the difficult journey we have set out to undertake. In all situations, we thank you for putting in the next few minutes to hear us out. Nineteen months ago, Led By Foundation, which was pre-seed funded and incubated at Harvard University set out to change the statistics of representation of Indian Muslim Women-x in India Inc.

There is a 200 million-strong Indian Muslim community which remains untapped and away from this growth. Indian Muslims, for more reasons than most communities in the country, are being systemically and intrinsically disallowed to be a part of this growth story. If one further breaks down this 200 million population, you might find an even further untapped resource: the Indian Muslim Women.

At LedBy, we are trying to create positive structures and a strong network of role-models and giants to bring the hidden, tucked away potential that this community can provide to India’s nation-building. We dream to create an Indian growth story with equal if not more representation of Indian Muslim Women. We are doing so by providing world-class workshops with faculty from Ivy league institutes, putting together a whole community of mentors from various industries, and by offering opportunities to those Indian Muslim Women Entrepreneurs who might like to develop and build their social enterprise.

In the process, we are building a family. There is a whole community of Indian Muslim Women who have strength, courage, resourcefulness, grit, and grace. LedBy is simply helping them join hands in achieving what they dream. We know the journey is tough and a long one, but it is simply non-negotiable. It is time for Indian Muslim Women to rise. And LedBy shall rise with them.

Hoping for your support, Warmly, Led By Foundation

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