Passion & kids - two parts of one love story

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I was born in a non-orthodox Muslim family. I was never made to feel that there was something different in being a girl. My parents were very clear on their intentions to raise my brother and me as independent and good-natured humans. My mother was an educated woman, thanks to my grandad who broke the rules and got her daughter educated even when the convention did not. Her education helped her well in her marital life, since my father, busy with his work, could give little time to us kids. My mother, being read, would help us in our academics. We were the only ones who didn't go for tuition classes until we hit college. We were kept engaged for all that we could have done with little time to get distracted. I was sent for formal education in one of the best schools in the town. Alongside this, I joined table tennis and ended up representing at the national level. Not only this, I even bagged awards for extracurricular in academics and other sports conducted in-house during both school and college. I was equally motivated to take part in annual functions by contributing to dance, drama