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Saviour in Disguise

"I firmly believe that as human beings, we must have a voice and use it whenever required."

-Risha Nusrat

Author: Stuti Ajmera

August, 2021

I owe my life to my mother. Ever since a young age, she has been the pillar of strength and motivation in my life. She always wanted me to have a good career and advance in life.

I'll never forget my mother's joy when my 10th grade results were announced. She was ecstatic. It is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. After my tenth grade, because my grades were exceptional, my mother insisted that I study science and become a doctor, but I was more interested in the humanities and social sciences. Nonetheless, I studied science, but I did not do well. In addition, I was unable to pass the AIPMT (now known as NEET).

This took its toll on me, and I developed clinical depression as a result. This affected me so much that I attempted suicide, but my mother came to my rescue. She provided me with unending encouragement and instilled in me a strong belief in God. It was only because of her that I was able to overcome my dark days. Now, I see it as a lesson learned, and I will never look back.

I am currently employed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. I look after monitoring and evaluation of policies in Uttar Pradesh. I aspire to go to Oxford for my future studies and build on my interests relating to public policy.

I firmly believe that as human beings, we must have a voice and use it whenever required, because our voices are our most powerful weapons. All we need to do is to introspect and identify our strengths and weaknesses, our own reasons to wake up everyday with zeal and hope. In the end, persistence, resilience and endurance are the keys towards a prosperous life, making us invincible.

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