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Of Words and Wishes

"And maybe one day, as I walk past a bookstore, I'll see a copy of my book and smile to myself..."

-Mehraj Sheikh

Author: Stuti Ajmera

August, 2021

My love for words and stories grew among the pages of books.

I find comfort in a garden of trees and flowers with unending colours I wish I could paint. Capturing memories in photographs, walking amidst the boundless world of nature, and reading to my heart's content were somethings I could do for hours on end and never get bored of. But I was a science student, which, I'll be honest, gave me a lot of trauma.

It wasn't because I couldn't do it, but because my true passion was something else entirely. My father wanted me to be a doctor, but my love for science just wasn't as strong as Literature. He wanted to give me the best he could, and science was it for him. But, Literature, on the other hand, held a special place in my heart. But because my father felt there wasn't enough scope in the field, I ended up studying science in high school.

I used to visit Kuwait quite frequently till I was four years old. Then I took admission in a school in Mumbai and lived with my grandmother thereafter. We became very close, and I spent a lot of time with her. I was always encouraged to study, to look forward to a bright future, and to become self-sufficient. But when my grandmother died, everything came crashing down on me.

I just couldn't get past it. I missed her all hours of the day and night. My parents and I weren’t that close and I had always found my home within her loving arms. At the same time, I couldn’t attempt the NEET because I missed the form submission date.

All this combined had a serious affect on my mental health and I fell into depression. I still think about her and intend to go to therapy sooner or later to confront my feelings, but as an introvert, I find it difficult to discuss it with others. I've always found myself reading to cope with my pent-up emotions and have loved writing, but since I couldn't attempt NEET, I felt lost, and so I decided to do what makes me happy and took up Literature as my major.

A musing written by Mehraj

I recently completed my final semester and am looking for some work experience. Though I discovered my passion and calling, I believe there is a communication gap between parents and children. There are many children who try to understand their parents, but I believe that parents still hold back their children from doing the things they love. They sometimes forget that it is precisely this that makes them happy. Every child must be approached in their own unique manner, and there is no harm in being open and friendly.

Even now, whenever I have the opportunity, I enjoy writing snippets and ruminating on poetry. I am truly content and happy where I am right now. And maybe one day, as I walk past a bookstore, I'll see a copy of my book and smile to myself, feeling proud to have achieved my lifelong dream.

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