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Extraordinarily Unique

"My individuality is what distinguishes me"

-Sarah Rahman

Author: Stuti Ajmera

August, 2021.

I long for the carefree days I had as a child.

Running around in gardens barefoot, just watching the clouds above float in the boundless sky, not worrying about my studies, and, most importantly, no technology. Right now, my life feels like it's in a constant rush hour. A never-ending cycle of stress, worry, and exhaustion. As a dental student, it feels like years since I wafted fresh air. But nonetheless, my life is leading in the right direction for me.

I wanted to study medicine but did not clear my exams. During that point, I had unwavering support from my parents. They were not at all upset; in fact, they encouraged me to enroll in dental school and pursue my BDS. My dream is to become a dentist, and I am well on my way to achieving it.

My religion has always held the highest regard for me. I perform namaz on a daily basis and incorporate its teachings and values into my daily life. My individuality is what distinguishes me, and it is something I will always value and my friends respected that. They accepted me the way I am.

I look forward to a world of more opportunities in the field of education. Being a full-time student has shown me the importance of proper education and knowledge. As I walk on the path of my dreams, I hope to see others doing that as well, and maybe stopping in the middle sometimes, to stare at the clouds, walk on the grass and breathe in the fresh air without any worries of the world.

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