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Chasing Destiny

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

"Now, my surroundings are the most amazing and cheerful, with an understanding of what I'm surrounded by."

-Asfia Firoz

Author: Stuti Ajmera

August, 2021

My favourite childhood memory is learning to drive from my abba. I've always been fascinated by automobiles and motorcycles. I was not just fond of cars and motorcycles; I was enthralled by them. I was quite young at the time, and I recall the feelings and emotions I felt the first time I drove a car. Every weekend, my abba took me with him to practice driving. Driving is still my favourite pastime. I enjoy late-night drives. Being able to learn to drive at just 13 years old makes me extremely proud of my boldness. And the reason for this is undeniably my abba.

I believe that there will always be obstacles in one's life; it's just a matter of how one deals with them. As a child, I faced numerous challenges throughout my childhood, which continued into my adolescence. I've always been an introverted, self-esteeming, and limited person for various reasons. But this never put me in an unfavorable frame of mind. Many misinterpreted my personality and had different ideas about me which eventually leads to divergence.

There's a sixth sense that told me things weren’t the same. It hurt to see people who were close to me turn around. These gaps gradually widened over time. It was like getting stabbed right where it hurt the most. I felt like I was falling into a bottomless pit. One I thought I could never come out of. It was difficult to overcome these situations. I tried focusing on myself, my nuclear family, my goals, my career, and only one exceptional person. With time, I grew accustomed to the ditches and heartbreaks and learned to accept them. Now, my surroundings are the most amazing and cheerful, with an understanding of what I'm surrounded by. Having high hopes for the Almighty changes everything.

Just like a thousand others, I have more than one dream. Human beings are made up of will and desires. One of my ambitions is to become an ustadha in Arabic and the Quran, on which I am working diligently. My second most ardent desire is to practice law, followed by a career in the judiciary.

I have started Arabic while simultaneously preparing for the LLB. I'm hoping to get into the DU LLB program for which I'm studying. May the Almighty give me what is best for me because I believe in destiny and that hard work and effort are required to make a destiny worthwhile.

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