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A Reform of a Lifetime

"I wanted, not just to represent my community, but to fight for what’s morally right."

-Sadiya Shaikh

Author: Stuti Ajmera

August, 2021

My voice is my power.

Every time I fall down, I will myself to get up no matter how hard. My place in this world is to make a difference and I choose my voice and actions.

I have been an active protestor ever since the CAA-NRC movements. Though my political opinions differed from a lot of my peers, there were thousands who also voiced the thoughts I did and hence my confidence was born. I thoroughly researched everything before coming to a conclusion. I wanted, not just to represent my community, but to fight for what’s morally right. Despite facing immense

opposition, I kept going because I knew I was right by my ideals.

I began an initiative to construct a community library with the goal of simultaneously developing the town and its residents for a better society. It all started in Deora Bandhauli in Bihar's Darbhanga district, and now we're striving to expand it across the country. I was awarded the ‘Global Women Inspiration Award’ for my work. Further, I was also nominated as an awardee for ‘Emerging Social Work Leader of the Year’, ‘All India Women Achiever Award’, and ‘Rex Karamveer Chakra Award iCONGO' with the UN.

It’s difficult to put into words how my journey has been; exhilarating, exhausting, intriguing, and adventurous all at once, but I know for sure that nothing can and will ever stop me because I have found my voice and I’m going to spread it louder and louder.

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