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Sophie Parker

Sophie Parker

Principal, Sophie Parker & Associates, LLC


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Sophie Parker, principal of Sophie Parker & Associates, LLC, is an organization development consultant and executive coach, whose leadership training is grounded in experiential learning.
Using an approach that explores personal presence, body language, vocal quality, and confidence, Sophie gives clients new ways to perceive and resolve obstacles.
Her executive programs foster leadership by creating awareness and enhancing tactical skills. Versed in workplace dynamics, Sophie coaches on “managing upwards” through political savvy and influence. She instructs on improving interpersonal relationships via communication, feedback, and delegation.
Sophie’s philosophy is that everybody does the best they can based on what they know.
Her approach to coaching, therefore, is grounded in developing a person’s skills and knowledge to enhance their job performance, leading to the achievement of organizational objectives. She targets high performance and improvement at work, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s whole life.
“I help each client discover the gifts that got them started. Together and with new clarity, we address the issues and growth needs that demand their attention—and collaboratively, we work toward success. Taking small strategic actions and evaluating the results lead to new, remarkable solutions.”

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