Team Values @ LedBy Foundation

"We are young and patriotic"

Through innovation and creativity, through honesty and resourcefulness, we will realize 100 million Indians' potential

Our Core Values

Functions @ LedBy Foundation

Marketing & Branding

The marketing team helps raise awareness about LedBy and our resources, with the goal that we can serve more and more people. The team is highly responsive and is online 24x7.  

Associates who join this function will

  • Design, create, and manage campaigns

  • Create graphics


The communications team keeps all our friends and stakeholders up to date with our activities, events, and news. 

Associates who join this function will

  • Design templates for communicating with different stakeholders

  • Curate our regular newsletter

Partnerships and engagement

The partnerships and engagement team develops and nurtures strategic partnerships for LedBy with companies, universities, governments, organizations, and individuals.

Associates who join this function will

  • Engage various student and professional organizations

  • Organize LedBy workshops for universities 

Technology Team

The tech team is responsible for maintaining the database for the foundation, managing the website, designing and creating a tech platform, automating and streamlining processes. 

Associates who join this function will

  • Work on the website design using wireframe tools and references

  • Explore and create technologies and tools for the tech platform

  • UX design and user stories for LedBy Foundation


The content team handles our website, blog, and podcasts. LedBy wants to hear stories and raise the visibility of Indian Muslim women, especially those working on their professional goals.

Associates who join this function will

  • Host and write interviews

  • Create podcast content

  • Write blogs


The research team explores and studies the existing solutions across geographies and demographics to develop evaluation and validation models for LedBy's programming. The main focus of the research questions shall relate to the participation of Indian Muslim Women in the private sector. 

Associates who join this function will

  • Lead or assist a research project or

  • Conduct data analysis

Community Accelerator

The Community Accelerator is a year-long program that is an invite-only, paid platform for Indian Muslim Women.

Associates who join this function will 

  • Assist in program management

  • Assist in operations

  • Partner with companies and universities 

  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer (COO)

leadership incubator

The Leadership Incubator's flagship program is the LedBy Her fellowship. It is an intensive summer fellowship for high- potential college-going Indian Muslim Women.

Associates who join this function will 

  • Assist in program management

  • Track deliverables and deadlines of fellows

  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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