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Suzanne Boulos


Executive Coach, Cross Cultural Coach and Management Consultant, Boulos Consulting

Suzanne Boulos is an executive coach and principal of Boulos Consulting, a coaching and consulting practice, and the Director of the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at William James College. Suzanne brings her business consulting background and experience to her executive coaching practice and partners with executives to explore and develop their full leadership potential and facilitate positive change, giving them and their organizations a competitive edge. Consultations have centered on helping leaders improve interpersonal communication and leadership style, enhance strategic thinking, support change management, and develop new business ventures. She has collaborated with strategic planning firms and worked with clients in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, consumer products, and education. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit organizations. Grounded in the science and best practices of leadership, Suzanne’s evidence-based coaching approach, combined with her ability to build mutually trusting relationships, allows her to provide clients with an individualized coaching experience that leads to positive, transformational, and generative outcomes. Her successful mastery of cross-cultural skills provides an added dimension to her coaching in organizational settings, promoting increased reflection and enhanced communication and interpersonal skills in her clients. At William James College, Suzanne leads the only academic executive coaching training program in New England and is also a faculty member. Suzanne is also an Executive Coach and Facilitator in the Harvard Business School Executive Education Programs.

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