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Kit Pappenheimer


Executive Coach, David Couper Consulting

Kit Pappenheimer has been an educational executive for 15 years, primarily as a principal running public (elementary, middle, and high) schools, Kit met leadership challenges for individuals, small teams, and organizations. She developed a robust quiver of tools and practices, which now form the core of her facilitation, training, and coaching sessions. Her focus is on resilience in the face of change, and she often utilizes somatic and mindfulness practices to unlock individual wisdom and knowledge. As a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation, Kit has honed her training for the past seven years. She offers coaching and facilitation to corporate leaders and leadership teams, school and nonprofit administrators, and individuals working for change. She holds aside a set amount of hours for pro-bono work. Kit has served and supported Zen Caregiving Project in San Francisco for many years. She is currently working to offer online memorials through ZCP. And she DANCES.

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