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Debra Valle


Executive Coach & Strategic Partner, The Trium Group

Debra Valle is a Master Certified Coach for more than 20 years. Corporations engage Debra, executives, and business owners as catalysts for change when performance requires a tune-up, turn-around, or new focus. Known for balancing straight talk with heart and humor, she partners with clients to identify strengths, recognize opportunities, and increase effectiveness. By forming deep connections with clients, she can leverage their gifts more fully. She has worked with clients around the globe, including the United States, Europe, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Romania. Corporate clients include senior women leaders, executives, and teams from Toyota, Northup Grumman, Cathay Bank, Sony, Ipsen, Campbell-Ewald, Cisco, Macquarie, Heineken-USA, QuickLogic, Genentech, KPMG, and many others. Her work with individuals and entrepreneurs includes Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Advertising, Management Consultants, and Wealth Managers. Before coaching, Debra was a VP of Direct Marketing for McCann Direct. Her background includes 18-years in advertising, focusing on brand positioning, strategic planning, and direct marketing for Nestle, Mazda, and Chrysler Corporation.

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