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Shohrat Jahan


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Meet Shohrat Jahan, a highly accomplished individual with a deep passion for the fashion industry. With an M.Sc. in Textile, Clothing & Fashion, she has established herself as a dedicated professional. Her exceptional academic performance earned her a prestigious Gold Medal during her master's program, showcasing her commitment to excellence. Driven by an interest in fashion marketing, Shohrat excels as a social media strategist. With five years of industry experience, she has worked as a content writer and freelance graphic designer, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the fashion landscape and the power of social media and technology.

Looking to the future, Shohrat aspires to establish her own fashion label, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision. Additionally, she harbors a strong desire to impart her knowledge and passion to others, aspiring to become a teacher at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

As a first-generation graduate in her family, Shohrat stands as a trailblazer and a source of inspiration for others. Being the eldest of three daughters, she embraces the responsibility of being the support her siblings would want from a son, breaking barriers and challenging gender norms along the way.

With a rich tapestry of skills, academic achievements, and a resolute determination to make a mark in the fashion industry, Shohrat embodies the spirit of a true visionary and leader in the field of fashion.

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