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Naela Rafeeque


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Naela Rafeeque holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from VIT with a specialization in Business Analytics from Wharton Online. During university, Naela actively engaged in various extracurricular clubs and won the Model G20 Summit at the esteemed National Tech Fest, GraVITas.

Naela's work experience reflects her commitment to fostering inclusive work environments. As a Culture and Talent Acquisition Specialist for a Silicon Valley unicorn, she successfully brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds. Currently, she works as an Employee Engagement Lead for Scry AI where she handles People Operations. She is also working on a research paper under a BCG Mentor to improve the efficiency, accessibility and sustainability of the Bangalore Metro.

Naela has actively contributed to the nonprofit sector at Make A Difference, an NGO focused on helping underprivileged children in need of care and protection. During her free time, she shares her culinary adventures on her Instagram.

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