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Madiha Batool


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Madiha Batool is currently working as a Process Specialist, HR Operations at Walmart Global Tech and has an undergraduate training in Economics from Christ University, Bangalore. Life experiences of growing up in Kashmir as a woman, coupled with personal hardships have piqued her interest in understanding different cultures through the lens of inclusivity and diversity. She is actively involved in projects that involve gaining a better understanding of cultures at her workplace and aims at building a career in a multicultural policy making sphere of Human Resources. She believes in the power of enhancing corporate cultures through the unique experiences that diversity brings in. Her mid-long-term goal is to bring cultural sensitivity, especially for minority women, in the otherwise mechanized aspects of many HR departments in the corporate sector. Madiha wishes to empower women who find themselves entangled in cultures that view women as subordinates.
She enjoys reading and has a huge appetite for fashion and beauty.

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