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Huzaifa Jeelani


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Huzaifa Jeelani is a recent English Honours graduate from Amar Singh College, Srinagar. Actively participating in women and child development, Huzaifa has extensively worked in various organisations ranging from UNICEF India, U&i India, MotherHelpage UK, Claylab Education Foundation and The STEARS.
Currently, Huzaifa is working as a Development Practitioner heading the content and visibility team at Move Beyond- center for career guidance, counseling and consultation.
Besides, she is also the Vice President of GirlUp Srinagar, an organisation that advocates for gender equality in otherwise unheard spaces of Kashmir. With over 7 years of experience in Public Speaking, the stage is one of her favourite places to be. She is also a fan of reading women centric Postcolonial texts with her imaginary best friends being Bell Hooks, Frantz Fanon and Toni Morrison.
Lately, Huzaifa is exploring the realm of story telling through poetry and photography and has recently graduated as the STEARS Peace Photography Fellow. She is actively making conscious choices to enable a zero waste living and hopes to make a space for her varied interests and ideas through building her own organisation that works for, but is not limited to sustainable living, women and child development in the near future.

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