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Aqsa Hafeez Ur Rehman


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Aqsa Hafeez Ur Rehman is a dedicated development professional based in New Delhi, with a strong background in social work and a commitment to making a positive impact on society. She holds a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Delhi and a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the same institution. She has actively worked in the development sector since graduation, focusing on projects related to women empowerment, disability, child rights, gender equality, and education.
As a first-generation learner, Aqsa is a passionate advocate for girls' education, particularly for those from marginalized communities. She possesses exceptional communication, documentation, writing, research, coordination, and reporting skills, which are instrumental in her work. Aqsa's empathetic nature and community-oriented mindset further emphasize her dedication to social work.
Aqsa's strong skill set, academic achievements, and unwavering commitment to social work position her as a valuable team player and leader. She actively engages in initiatives and programs aimed at promoting gender equity and empowering women, contributing to her well-rounded professional profile. Aqsa Hafeez Ur Rehman's comprehensive expertise and unwavering dedication make her a highly capable and impactful professional in the field of development.

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