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LedBy Her

Annual Fellowship Program

A 4-month intensive Summer leadership program, free of cost, for high-potential Indian Muslim Women currently in college



In-person retreats | Workshops | Executive Coaching | 1:1 Mentorship | Speaker sessions 

Round 1 Applications for the General Fellowship Program 2021 are closed. The results will be announced on 14 January 2021.

A look at our 2021 LedBy Her Fellowship

Why apply?

We are a 4 month co-curricular, rigorous, intensive Summer leadership fellowship, where young Indian Muslim Women are provided with:

  • programming that includes workshops/modules on negotiations, growth mindset, adaptive leadership, personal narrative, and mindfulness

  • Mentoring ecosystem that provides access to industry experts, and community role models

  • Specialized support via a peer network of women from similar backgrounds and high ambitions

What are we looking for?

High-potential, young Indian Muslim Women who are ambitious and are looking for an environment that understands and supports the unique experiences and journeys of Indian Muslim women. We will select 24 women to participate in the fellowship, who will go through this transformative and empowering journey. Our goal is to create collaborative, nurturing, and confident professionals which in turn will support a socially inclusive and equitable story of India’s growth.

When do I apply?

Round 1 applications are closed for the 2021 LedBy fellowship program! Applications for 2022 cohort will be open in October 2021.

LedBy FellowshipTimeline


1 October 2020
Round 2 applications closed on 15 December 2020


14 Jan 2021
Round 2 invites go out to the selected applicants


14 March 2021
Interview invites go out to the selected applicants


21 May 2021
The final selection list will be declared


6 June to 15 October 2021
Fellowship Program

What does the fellowship offer?

Professional Skills

Presentation Skills

Team Building exercises


Adaptive leadership

Executive coaching

Research Grant

360 degree Mentorship


Access to Advisors-in-residence: Our in-house industry experts & community leaders

Peer Mentoring

Mentoring a School going girl

Personal Development

Growth Mindset 


Story Telling

Personal Narrative

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for the fellowship if you​

  • Identify yourself as an Indian Muslim Woma(x)n

  • Are no more than two years away from completing a full-time undergraduate degree ( that means, is in 3rd or 4th years of a 4-year program; 2nd or 3rd year of a 3-year program) or

  • Are in a full-time postgraduate program of one or two years duration, and

  • Physically reside in India

2020 Fellows

A group of highly talented young women who have graduated from the fellowship in 2020


The Foundation has brought together high-achieving Indian Muslim women to nurture, inspire and encourage our fellows

Workshop Facilitators

The Foundation has brought together international experts associated with the best institutions to nurture and encourage our fellows

A look at 2020 fellowship workshops

Listen to 0ur founder & fellows talk about the fellowship

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