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Tayyibah Khanam

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Tayyibah is an Electrical Engineering student at Aligarh Muslim University with research interests in Machine Learning, specifically Computer Vision. Her works on optimizing EV Charging & their analysis have been presented & accepted for publication at the prestigious conference – India Smart Utility Week 2021. Being an advocate for global sustainability, she aims to leverage sustainable computer vision models in the long run, addressing environmental as well as socio-economic concerns for smart, sustainable ecosystems as well as for community growth. She works in collaboration with several peers & mentors at prestigious research groups in AMU, UCLA, Life Lab Foundation, etc., where she finds herself swearing by her go-to work ethics – constantly pushing her limits, utilizing several domains of expertise & engaging in constructive criticism. Although her research lies in machine intelligence, she strongly believes in 'humans-in-the-loop' systems to effectively create real-world ML solutions empowered by human values & assistance. Greatly inspired by values like diversity and inclusion, she attributes these to her upbringing & her hometown Mumbai. Like-wise, when not in front of the computer screen, she likes to read about issues pertaining to women empowerment, human rights, politics, etc., and hopes to build a society whose strengths lie in its diversity and inclusion.