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Sheik Mumtaj Sumaya

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Sheik Mumtaj Sumaya is currently working as a content writer and wants to become a freelance content/copywriter. She has a professional career of 3 years in Teaching, US Healthcare, and Writing. She will complete her Bachelor's in Mathematics next year, which she discontinued due to an unavoidable situation. She aims to do a Master's in Psychology out of her keen interest to learn about the mind and behaviour. Her strong inclination toward social causes made her volunteer with U&I, an NGO that supports and educates underprivileged children. She is in the pursuit to help people and sees herself making a career out of it. She has a dream to start a business with her mother (A.k.a. her Superwoman). She supports causes like education, mental health, animal welfare, and the representation of women. Outside of work and volunteering, Sumaya is a creative person who loves writing and reading poetry, baking, and crocheting. And while doing none of this she'd be either sleeping or sitting in front of the ocean.

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