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Saima Naim

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Saima Naim, a budding entrepreneur, is currently pursuing her Master's in Computer Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. She has completed her B. Tech in Computer Science. She participates in co-curricular activities and has been a Teaching Assistant for courses like Deep learning, NLP, Data mining, OOPS, etc. She has done internships in web app development during her bachelor's and has a year-long experience being an Application Developer. Saima has a good leadership quality and confidence in what she is doing; therefore, she is fun to work with, and there's a lot to learn from her. She has developed a data leakage detection system that can detect any sensitive data leakage to an outsider and prevent it and many more AI projects that could help. She is a good orator and can boost the team's morale. In her leisure time, she likes to read fiction and scientific researches and loves spending her time with her family.