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Sadhiya Shiraj

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Sadhiya Shiraj was born the eldest to her parents of mixed descent and is 25 years old. Raised and schooled in the Sultanate of Oman, she maneuvered her diversity into achieving valuable opportunities. An Electrical Engineer graduate from the National Institute of Technology, she currently pursues her Master of Business Administration education from the premier Indian Institute of Management. The roles of leadership she executed at various stages of her life have firmly confirmed her belief that there is no substitute for working hard and taking ownership. She is a voracious reader with interests in genres ranging from biographies to magical realism. Apart from that, you can either find her engrossed in gardening or watching films. Her perceptions were molded by the multitude of books and characters she has experienced in her life. This richness of experience has nurtured the power of creativity, compassion, and intellectual integrity within her. Audacious and Resilient-Indian Muslim woman, Sadhiya is proud of her identity and never lets the challenges she faces unsettle her zest to strive forward. She believes in the importance of empowerment and acquiring knowledge and aspires to encourage every individual she encounters in finding their true potential.

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