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Nausheen Fatima

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Nausheen Fatima is a 21 year-old art enthusiast, a calligrapher, a writer, and a budding entrepreneur from Delhi. She is currently pursuing her graduation in Medical Electrophysiology from Jamia Millia Islamia. Her trainings include certification in Effective Speaking and Computer Concepts from the National Institute of Electronics and Technology. Apart from being a full-time paramedicine student, she runs an online art and craft business called Vibgyor. Being literature-oriented, she takes an interest in descriptive writing and has her work published in an International Poetry Digest. She also does freelancing as a literary critic and has edited and worked on an encrypted morse book 'The Salted', which talks about a loophole in about 1.2 million websites' powering framework. She actively represents herself in various art and science events. She believes in persistence and says that it has been the driver of growth and development in her career. In her words, 'For me, it has always been either winning or learning, there is no in between.' Encouraging a holistic approach towards social and self-development in the industrial and corporate sector, she aspires to diminish the identity and gender preconceptions that trend globally.

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