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Lubna Ludheen

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Lubna Ludheen hails from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of God’s own country, Kerala. She is currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Economics with Foreign Trade as specialization from SCMS School of Technology and Management, Cochin. She’s part of many social clubs at her college like Swara (Women’s Cell), Red Ribbon Club (HIV/AIDS Awareness Club) and the National Service Scheme. Her hobbies include reading books and painting. Despite being an introvert, she grabs every opportunity, such as internships, fellowships, webinars, or even simple group discussions on common topics of interest in arts, music, etc., to expand her connections with different people from different cultures and backgrounds. She would like to travel the world and try new things as she is an adventurer at heart. Lubna aspires to become a social worker to help as many underprivileged lives as she can. She is a person of faith with a strong belief in God. She believes in removing barriers between people like gender, caste, religion, etc., in bringing about world peace. She believes that most problems of hate and misunderstanding can be solved through the simple act of speech.

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