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Khushi Jaffar

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Khushi Jaffar is an undergraduate law student at National Law University, Delhi, with a keen interest in intersectional gender studies and indigenous intellectual property rights. A manifestation of two-spirit animals (a cranky kitty and Snorlax), she is a resident of the City of Joy, where her soul shall forever dwell among the beautiful sunsets, Biblichor, and crumbling cemeteries full of stories. At the end of her 5-year law degree, Khushi seeks to encourage the emergence of raw community talent by assisting small-scale entrepreneurial inventions to re-brand themselves using the Quranic ethics of sustainability, self-love, and compassion for the collective and pushing for better protection and evaluation of indigenous creations in a diffused IPR regime. She also wishes to explore the creation of safe spaces for peer connection to help young Muslim women pursuing their educational aspirations in isolated circles through a free and secure support forum.

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