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Khadija Arsiwala

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Khadija Arsiwala is a young social development professional who believes in strengthening the institute by taking the bottom-up approach and designing contextualized solutions for creating a long-lasting impact in society.
Khadija completed her graduation in Psychology and a post-graduate diploma in Journalism. An adherent believer in education is the movement from darkness to light, Khadija currently works toward creating an enabling ecosystem where a generation of children become compassionate, confident leaders and lifelong learners. With an inclination toward monitoring and evaluation, Khadija likes simplifying things and putting them into a four-quadrant matrix. Her current field of interest lies in the intersection of Technology and Social & Environmental Sustainability.
In her free time, you will find her either wandering in the hustling bustling streets of Mumbai, admiring the Victorian Neo-gothic landscape, or in a local cafe with a book and a pen mulling about how cyberspace influences human behaviour.

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