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Jasmine Ayesha

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Jasmine Ayesha is an undergraduate Management student majoring in International Business at Amity University. Graduating in 2022, she wants to commence her career in Financial Services for five years before she goes on to pursue an MBA from one of the M7 Business Schools and thereafter establish her investment firm. She has been working in the Startup Funding ecosystem since 2020 and currently holds an Investment Banking Fellowship from Marquee Equity. She deeply cares about animal welfare and has been volunteering as a Fundraising Manager at Scream Foundations for a year.
Although she grew up in Kolkata, her roots lie in Bihar, where she was born. She has witnessed the cultural repression of Muslim girls in rural areas, and she longs to change the narrative. Eventually, she wants to work towards the upliftment of girls in exurban India to ensure that the dilemma of family approvals doesn’t cloud their dreams.
She loves reading philosophy and history. She’s moderately fluent in 7 languages and aims for a dozen.

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