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Azra Jawaid

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Azra Jawaid is a graduate student at the School of Public Policy and Governance at TISS. Before graduate school, she worked for an environmental startup that helped reduce the plastic footprint of businesses and individuals. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences from Asian University for Women, an international Liberal Arts university based in Chattogram, Bangladesh. She is passionate about creating social impact through her works and bringing positive change to her community. She aspires to work in the space of public policy, particularly exploring the intersection of environment and energy policymaking in India.

Azra is diligent, self-aware, and curious about the intricacies of the world. She also tries to be eco-conscious in her day-to-day life. She is an introvert and chooses to keep a close-knit group of friends and loved ones. She loves literature in general and English literature in particular. A perfect leisure day must include English Classics and unlimited cups of chai (milk tea).

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