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Ammara Gul Qaisar

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Ammara Qaisar is an undergraduate student from Kashmir, currently majoring in Sociology (Hons.) and minoring in Journalism from The Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. She is an active member of various societies in her college, including the Women’s Development Cell and the National Service Scheme. Ammara loves to apply the sociological perspective wherever she can. Ammara is fond of Urdu poetry and loves animals. She loves singing, and when it comes to music, the voice that has been enthralling her ever since she first heard her is that of Delores O’Riordan. She likes films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the 40s and 50s being her favorite era. She brings Kashmir to her college campus in her little ways, from conducting a socio-linguistic study on Kashmiri to simply lighting up get-togethers by singing Kashmiri folk songs. Ammara is a person of faith with a strong belief in God. She believes God has privileged her with isn’t hers to keep but hers to give away, so that help reaches those who aren’t as privileged as she through her.