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Sheezana Rasool


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Sheezana Rasool: Cultivating Change and Empowering Lives
Sheezana Rasool is a pioneering force at the intersection of science, women's health, and social activism. As an agricultural scientist, she has dedicated her career to transforming the agriculture using cutting edge technologies like genetic engineering, and molecular breeding particularly in south Asian countries where nations are predominantly dependent on agriculture and also most vulnerabe to climate change. Sheezana's passion for nurturing the earth is matched only by her commitment to breaking down barriers that hinder the progress of women, particularly in marginalized communities.
Hailing from a conflict-ridden region of Kashmir, Ms Sheezana understands the profound impact that socio-political instability can have on communities, especially women. Her journey began with a vision to turn adversity into opportunity. Armed with a M.Sc in Agricultural Sciences, she embarked on a mission to revolutionize farming practices in conflict zones, implementing innovative techniques that not only enhance crop yields but also promote environmental sustainability.
Beyond the fields, Ms Sheezana is a fierce advocate for menstrual health in regions where such conversations are often shrouded in silence. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by women in conflict zones, she has become a prominent voice, demystifying menstrual health and advocating for accessible hygiene resources. Her initiatives have not only improved the well-being of nearly 500,000 women but have also sparked conversations that challenge cultural taboos surrounding menstruation.
In 2017, Ms Sheezana took her commitment to women's empowerment a step further by establishing a non-profit organization, "Agaaz International." Serving as the CEO, she leads a dedicated team working tirelessly to uplift women from minority groups, tribals, and those residing on borders. The foundation's multifaceted approach includes educational programs, vocational training, and healthcare initiatives, all designed to foster self-reliance and resilience.
Under Ms Sheezana's visionary leadership, Agaaz International has made significant strides in bridging the gender gap. Through strategic partnerships and grassroots efforts, the organization has empowered women to become leaders in their communities, fostering a ripple effect of positive change.
Sheezana Rasool's story is a testament to the transformative power of combining scientific expertise with a deep commitment to social justice. Her unwavering dedication to cultivating both the land and the lives of women in conflict zones paints a portrait of a leader whose impact extends far beyond the borders of her region, inspiring change on a global scale because she believes that ‘ life must matter irrespective of one’s religion, creed or gender’.

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