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Shabina Shabbir Ishaqui


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Meet Shabina Shabbir Ishaqui, a design virtuoso whose passion for crafting captivating visuals runs deep in her veins, inspired by her lineage of design excellence. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Animation from the prestigious St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, Shabina's creative journey took flight with 2.5 years of freelancing adventures, followed by an exhilarating 1.5-year stint in the corporate arena.

Currently donning the mantle of a graphic designer at Techwave, Shabina orchestrates design symphonies that transform even the most modest businesses into global digital powerhouses. But her creative prowess doesn't stop there. Beyond the boardroom, she's a relentless seeker of knowledge and a passionate educator, infusing her part-time endeavors with the same fervor she brings to her design projects.

With an insatiable appetite for innovation and a heart that beats for sharing wisdom, Shabina is not just a designer; she's a catalyst for creativity and growth, breathing life into every pixel she touches.

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