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Sameera Sayed


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Sameera is a passionate advocate for transformative learning experiences. With a solid academic foundation in BA LLB from Christ University, Sameera embarked on a purpose-driven journey into the social impact sector five years ago.

Throughout her professional journey, Sameera has championed the power of learning, making significant contributions to esteemed international organisations such as Make a Difference, AIESEC, Teach for India, and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiatives. At Sunstone, she spearheaded the design and execution of a comprehensive Leadership Development Program, impacting over 150 faculty members across 35 cities in India.

Driven by her passion for diverse learning styles, particularly in the audio-visual medium, Sameera is an avid consumer and creator of multimedia content. Her podcast series, "Get Heard," provided a platform for voices often marginalized in mainstream narratives, showcasing her dedication to inclusivity and empowerment.

Her interest lies in exploring innovative educational approaches, be it the corporate or the impact sector.

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