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Bushra Tasneem


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Zuha Khan is a final-year undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science at AMU, where she consistently ranks at the top of her faculty. With a diverse background, she has honed her skills as a researcher, teacher, and professional app developer. Notably, she has contributed to projects at renowned companies like Edurific and HelpNow. Despite a fascination with medical tools and conditions, she chose to channel her passion through STEM, aiming to revolutionize medical science through impactful code. Her innovative spirit led her to develop a virtual reality headset capable of detecting glaucoma using mobile phones. Committed to making healthcare technology more accessible, she lives by the motto "Expect the Unexpected," believing in the power of unforeseen circumstances. A staunch supporter of diversity and inclusion, she advocates for equal opportunities regardless of identity, standing firmly behind the Rainbow Flag. In her leisure time, she indulges in creative pursuits, particularly experimenting with eye-shadow application techniques.

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