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Fatema Chiba

Program Manager

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Fatema is a development sector professional with eight years of successful experience in teaching, coaching, and program management. She started her professional journey with the Teach For India Fellowship, where she continued on to become Program Manager. She then worked as an Assistant School Leader with a Teach For India affiliated school wherein she managed operations, hiring, partnerships and teacher development. Fatema is a post graduate with a MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Fatema enjoys solving complex problems and driving a team towards impact. Fatema enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found on long hikes on hilly country roads.

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“So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.”

B.R Ambedkar inspires Fatema


“She has always been supportive and kind.
Her ability to listen creates an environment where people feel respected and are empowered to help each other. She has a soothing personality, , someone to turn to when you need some genuine advice."

Suha Vaqar, LedBy Graduate


A person who's usually calm but when she speaks, she speaks with all the experience. I really appreciate the way she guides you and help you discover your purpose through her personal experiences."

Iqra Sheikh, LedBy Graduate

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