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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between this year’s Corporate Leaders Fellowship & Accelerator programs?

The Corporate Leaders Fellowship caters to Indian Muslim women with 1 year to 3 years of paid, full-time work experience looking to take their careers to a leadership track. The program is designed to train them in leadership and professional development skills to navigate their career with ease.


On the other hand, the LedBy Accelerator is far more focused on women (18-30 years) with varying career aspirations, be it their first job, a career move, a promotion to the next level, entrepreneurship, or even those who are confused about what to do next. Our program helps them develop their professional skills and access industry stalwarts to share best practices and guidance training. (Note: We are not very strict about the 30 years age criteria, but the LedBy Accelerator program is best suited for young to mid-career professionals). 


Unlike the Corporate Leaders  Fellowship program, which is more leadership-oriented, the LedBy Accelerator program is more career navigation and support. Note that support and empowerment are the underlying facets of the success of both programs.


2) How is the Corporate Leaders Fellowship different from the previous year’s Fellowship program?

This year the most significant difference is that we are looking for working professionals with 1 - 3 years of paid, full-time work experience as of 1st January 2023. (Previously, we encouraged college-going Indian Muslim women to apply for the Fellowship). We have incorporated the learnings from the last few batches and tweaked the curriculum to ensure that early-stage career professionals get the most from the program and are set for a leadership track.


3) Why is the LedBy Accelerator program 6 months long?

The Accelerator program is for college-going and working people with limited time. We have asked for a pragmatic amount of time from our participants. Just two sessions a month for 6 months. There is some pre and post-work and 1:1 engagement between sessions. This also helps the participant absorb and reflect upon the material between sessions. 


4) There seems to be an overlap in age groups between the two programs. How do you determine who is a better fit if they are eligible for both?

Yes, there is an overlap, so we encourage applicants to understand what they seek. Suppose you are a working professional with more than 1 year of experience and up to 3 years of experience as of 1 January 2023 and want to direct your career in leadership roles, especially in the private sector - in that case, LedBy Corporate Leaders Fellowship is the program for you. However, LedBy Accelerator should be your choice if you need basic professional training and support on resume writing, interview prep, case study prep, etc. The idea should be to understand what you imagine as your future.


5) Are the programs free?

Yes, both programs are fully funded (free of cost).


6) How does one measure the success of the programs?

 In both, we review the following criteria:

  • Level of confidence (through self-declaration pre, mid, and post-program)

  • Access to networks to achieve goals (was the LedBy network successful in helping a candidate achieve their goal)

  • Leadership skills (were the programs successful in developing these skills)

  • Performance in job interviews (how many interviews do they manage to convert into job offers)

In addition, we also review tangible outcomes related to employability:

  • How many jobs/internships have you applied for in the past 6 months 

  • How many interviews did you get?

  • How many final offers did you get?

  • By what percentage have your reviews in your company improved?

  • How many IMW (Indian Muslim women) have you coached?

  • How many internal (within your company) opportunities (office initiatives) have you taken up at work?


There are numerous feedback forms, surveys, and journaling exercises throughout the programs to gauge this. Also, we evaluate the net promoter score, which gives us a fair idea of the program’s success.


7) How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

For the Corporate Leaders Fellowship, classes will be held every weekly (twice a month) for 5 months over a weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) to accommodate the schedule of working professionals. The classes are usually between 3-4 hours. In addition, there will be pre and post-work allocated in addition to group activities, peer and mentorship calls, etc. In total, a selected Fellow will require to spend an average of  2-3 hours per week on self-work + 4 hours of fortnightly classes on the Fellowship to make the best of it.


For the Accelerator program, two classes will be held monthly for 6 months. Each class with be 1.5 hours. In addition, there will be allocated pre and post-work and 1:1 sessions, which must be completed. Participants will require 6-8 hours of work per month to make the most of the program.

8) I have completed numerous internships cumulating to 1-3 years of experience. Does this count for the Corporate Leaders Fellowship program?


It does not. You must have 1-3 years of paid, full-time work experience. Internships do not count.

9) Will I be able to apply for international universities and/or get scholarships?

The program intends to ensure that Indian Muslim women contribute to the workforce in the country. Providing access to foreign universities and scholarship opportunities is not our primary goal, but on occasion, we do have workshops and webinars conducted on this topic.


10) I am not yet 18 but eager to consider my future. Can I apply to any of the programs?


It’s wonderful that you have started thinking about your future early. While you will not be eligible for the Corporate Leaders Fellowship, if you turn 18 by January 1, 2023, you are welcome to apply to the LedBy Accelerator program. 

11) What is the minimum attendance requirement for the programs?

Both programs have a 100% attendance requirement. This is a non-negotiable as the content and curriculum have been specially curated keeping in mind your career stage and contextualized for Indian Muslim women. If you miss a class or pre/post-work, you miss out on a significant portion of the work. 

We do understand that medical emergencies and other exigencies are inevitable. We request that to be kept informed of such instances if you are selected for the program.


12) What do I get upon graduating from the programs?


A lot! You will receive a Diploma after successful completion of the program. You get access to workshops on professional and leadership development. You can interact with a network of peers from your cohort who are talented, intelligent Muslim women from all walks of life. Finally, you get mentored by the team and by industry professionals with more than 10+ years of experience. These professionals guide you in your career and help you succeed. You will receive a Diploma after successful completion.

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