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LedBy Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do I qualify to be a volunteer?


ANYONE can be a Volunteer at LedBy. As long as you have the willingness, passion and motivation to make a difference and support our cause.

Q2. What are some of the responsibilities as a Volunteer?

The first task will be to conduct 5 in-depth interviews with Indian Muslim women. Details of the interviews, methods, questions, format, etc. will be shared in an email once you sign up. Thereafter, we request you to follow us on all social platforms and help spread the word. If you wish to continue then we give you the opportunity to select a function to support us on.


Q3. What are the different modes of conducting the in-depth interviews?

You can choose to do the interviews in person (as long as you are safe given the COVID situation), or online i.e. via phone, email, video conferencing, etc.


Q4. What will LedBy Foundation do with the information collected from the in-depth interviews?

Our team will use this information for research purposes to help make our programs more relevant, suitable and effective to the audience i.e. Indian Muslim women.


Q5. Will the personal data of the interviewees be safe?

Absolutely. Personal data will not be shared or further used for any purposes. 


Q6. What are some of the incentives for the interviewees to agree to this?

Interviewees will have the opportunity to share their stories, life experiences and genuine concerns about whether a community needs professional support to help them blossom as professionals. In addition, they get exclusive access to programs, and events conducted by LedBy throughout the course of the year. Hence, they get to be the change they want to see.


Q7. Can I conduct more than 5 interviews? 

Sure, you can choose to do as many. Five is the minimum we request from you.


Q8. Can I register as a Volunteer again? 

Yes, you can choose to be a Volunteer once again by signing up upon completion of 1-month. 


Q9. Is there a time limit before I can register again?

No, there is no time limit to register to be a Volunteer again.


Q10. I have registered twice as a Volunteer - Will this be an issue?

We will consider your first application and monitor 30 days from the date you applied for the first time. The second application will not be considered. If you have a logistical concern due to this, feel free to write to us at


Q11. When will I receive my certificate?

If you have submitted 5 in-depth interviews, you will receive the certificate at the end of your 30 day volunteership, as mentioned in the acknowledgement email.

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