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Azba Rehman

Marketing & Communications Manager


Azba Rehman finished her Bachelor of Business Administration from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2021. Focused on her academics as well as personality development, she has been an Achiever and the school Head Girl. At 22, she has considerable exposure and more than two year’s experience in domains like Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Engagement Strategy. Being from a conservative society, she is breaking stereotypes by passionately working towards a vision and establishing a benchmark in society. From an early age, she is manifesting leadership qualities as well as analytical aspects like critical thinking in a corporate environment. Having significant experiences in sales and marketing, relationship management, and R&D, she is radiating a positive impact at a young age. She believes in cantilever empowerment in young women and says, “to prove that if you want to see the change in society, then you’ve to be the first string of that change.”

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"The restrictions and criticism that I face are the driving power that makes me realize my potential and worth. The minute you tell me that, I can’t do something, I work that much harder to prove not to people but to myself that I can do it."

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LedBy interviewed Azba Rehman, the youngest core team member and the new Social Media Associate. Azba is 21, and she is already breaking stereotypes in her community by passionately working towards a vision and establishing a societal benchmark. Azba’s dedication and hard work, despite all the odds she faced, are what made her a source of inspiration for the community. Azba’s story is like so many young, ambitious Muslim women...

"I don’t want to be put in a box of, “you only have to do this because this is what people do.” I don’t believe in staying in our lanes. We are bold. We are brilliant. And we are beautiful. No other woman is like us because we all are different kinds of women."

“Azba  is an inspiring, incredible and impressive young lady. She has always encouraged me to continue my writing skills, to voice my thoughts and valued me along with such great people around, she has been too supportive as a mentor, friend and indeed the whole Ledby team as my new family"

Shumaila, LedBy participant


"Azba was one of the first people I interacted with in LedBy. She radiates confidence and beauty in her thoughts as a reflection of her soul and one is sure to learn a lot from her ideas and opinions! She is an imminent part of our LedBy family"

Lubna, LedBy Assistant

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