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Anushka Maheshwari

Program Manager

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Anushka graduated with a degree in political science honors in 2021. She is a public policy enthusiast with a passion for working in the development sector and an advocate for gender rights and equality education. With a zeal to learn continuously, she has undertaken diverse roles like marketing, fundraising, working in hospitality, and being a fellow teacher at Teach for India. She has been an active part of student activism, street plays, and various NGOs. She proactively talks about her cancer journey to raise awareness for early detection and reduce the care gap. She believes in creating a strong community of like-minded individuals who help one another to uplift and benefit. She wants to create a lasting impact and contribute to making the world more egalitarian.

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"I firmly believe that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. No part of my cancer journey has limited me from doing what I wanted. All I had to do was to be determined and ask for help and connect to the right people."


"Anushka is the one of the most courageous women I have ever met! What makes her wonderful is her connect with her pure intention.And her actions are truly guided with these intentions.  Indeed she, the empowered woman, is purely led by love and passion, through which she empowers others!"

Aarushi Khan, LedBy Alum


"Anushka is an exceptionally motivated and committed individual who brings a never-fading enthusiasm to her work. She has a remarkable knack for getting tasks accomplished in an expeditious and effective manner."

Nargis, LedBy participant


"I advocate for Cancer Awareness and would love to reach out and support all cancer survivors and fighters in India under 35 years of age."

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