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Zubia Mansoor

Zubia Mansoor

Machine Learning Scientist


Data Science


Connect with her on LinkedIn

I am a Vancouver-based Machine Learning Scientist at Lululemon Athletica, where I support the machine learning and data science needs of the global digital marketing, e-commerce, and product teams. Before this, I graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada with a master's in statistics, specialising in data science, machine learning, and computer vision.
I enjoy working with data and exploring new industries, ranging from a quantitative analyst at a billion-dollar pension fund, a research collaborator on COVID-19 host genetics, to a statistical consultant at a multinational paper manufacturing company. Today, my work involves taking on leadership roles, extracting business value in deep learning, and coding with different programming languages. I am a part of several women-centric technology organisations, have taught data science and machine learning courses, and mentored students at hackathons. Outside of work, I enjoy painting, swimming, and building support & advocacy for women/women of colour in S.T.E.M.!

Growing up as an Indian-Muslim woman, my experiences have allowed me to empathise with underrepresented communities. It was essential to me to break away from the patriarchal society I was surrounded by and carve my path. My goal is to support others in their journey through mentorship and equip them with the tools to create their paths.

Read more about my work on my website:

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