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Tasqeen Macchiwalla

Tasqeen Macchiwalla

Theme Lead


Development Sector


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Tasqeen Macchiwalla is currently the Small and Marginal Farmer Theme Lead at the Azim Premji Foundation. She has worked in the development sector for 30 years, including with the International Labour Organization (ILO), ActionAid India, and Seva Mandir, Rajasthan. Her experience spans managing programs on sustainable agriculture in India, including natural farming in Andhra Pradesh. Tasqeen has worked on issues of small and marginal farmers, natural resource management, livelihoods, migration, and labour in the informal economy. Gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment, child labour and education, health, HIV/AIDS are also areas on which she has worked closely with grassroots organizations and networks to build capacities, vision, and strategy, as well as engaged in policy research and advocacy. She has an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh with a focus on community and identity.

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