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Smarinita Shetty

Smarinita Shetty

Co-founder & CEO


Online Media


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Smarinita Shetty is the CEO and co-founder of India Development Review (IDR), the country’s largest media platform focussed on issues related to development. She has more than 24 years of experience leading functions across strategy, operations, sales and business development, largely in startup environments within corporates and social enterprises. Her core expertise and skills lie in building new markets and ecosystems; she has done this successfully with knowledge process outsourcing, low-income housing and adolescent girl empowerment. Prior to IDR, Smarinita worked at Dasra, Monitor Inclusive Markets (now FSG), JP Morgan and The Economic Times. She also co-founded Netscribes–India’s first knowledge process outsourcing firm. Smarinita’s work and opinion have been featured in The Economist, Times of India, Mint, The Economic Times, and other leading publications, both in India and globally. She has a BE in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Finance, both from Mumbai University

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